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Many of us are not so lucky as to have huge yards and or the resources to build a lavish deck. But Extrem Deck accommodates everyones needs. For every Extreme Deck plan that is smaller, we make up for in style. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a unique design that will last a lifetime. Join us as we take a tour through the most remarkable decks for the new millenium. The Extreme Deck tour consists of images of past projects, to give you a better idea of what our deck plans can become. Also found on the tour is the state-of-the-art media gallery. The free virtual-reality downloads will take you on a short trip around the outside of a virtual home & deck.

About Extreme Deck Makeovers

We have more experience in designing and building decks (over 20 yrs.) than anyone else in the area. Nearly a third of our new business comes from referrals of previous clients. Put all your worries aside! We are licensed, Insured, and Bonded and are fully qualified to handle each project. Extreme Deck honors our commitment to our customers by being a member of the Better Business Bureau. There are no limits with Extreme Deck! We can tackle and conquer any project with style. We also offer one-on-one consultations. We’ll meet with you and draw your ideas on paper and offer professional custom suggestions to make your project better than you ever thought possible! We take our work very seriously and complete your project with the utmost attention to detail. We guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations! We’ll make your outdoor dreams a reality!

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Prompt and efficient, and the product they use really brought my new pavers to life. Love the results.

Jhon Clark

They did an awesome job on my driveway! They were prompt and exceeded my expectations.

Ricky Bell


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Design For Outdoor Living area

Need a personal design to fit the outdoor living area of your home? Look no further! We can design a deck to fit your specifications, and all we ask is for a few minutes of your time.



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About Us

Extreme Deck is a US Corporation focused on developing and marketing modular decking and flooring products for the DIY market for export to markets around the world. Manufacturing facilities are located in Australia, Bolivia, Sth. Korea, China and Vietnam.

As well as manufacturing our own branded products, we also supply products packaged under individual house brands or in accordance with special requirements.

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